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The Longest Memory: Overview

Source:  Black, S., (2019), Digital montage. Additional images from the Tate and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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General Capabilities
Enduring Understandings

Literature allows for a way to represent complex social and emotional realities and promotes empathy and understanding. Narratives are manufactured to present viewpoints that are culturally biased and are not neutral.

Essential Questions

How can we create texts that provide a unique world view?

The longest memory | Introduction

Level 1ArticlesIn “the Longest Memory (1994),… Whitechapel, a veteran slave on a Virginia plantation…, blames himself for the whipping to death of his runaway son. We also hear from the boy himself, the plantation owner and his more questioning daughter, the vicious overseer, as well as early 19th-century newspaper editorials debating contemporary views of slavery and its claimed compatibility with Christianity. Traumatic incidents are at the book’s heart, including the revelation of the boy’s ‘forced conception’ through the rape of a black cook by the overseer’s own father. The self-justifications of all concerned are recorded, enabling readers to make their own judgments.” (British Council, n.d.)

The longest memory | Keywords

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Freedom, Hypocrisy, Justification, Liberty, Obedience, Plantation, Punishment, Racism, Slavery.

The longest memory | Study Guide

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Level 1Articles
Level 1Articles
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Level 1Articles

The longest memory | Print book and eBook

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The longest memory | Bibliographies

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The longest memory | Reviews

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Black History and Women Timeline 1800-1859

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The longest memory | Curriculum Alignment and Metadata

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