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Mentone Girls' Grammar School | Kerferd Library

Teacher Information

Kerferd Library resources for teachers and professional support staff.

The Kerferd Library provides access to a wide range of print and online resources to support teaching across the entire curriculum. These pages provide new members of the teaching staff with an overview of the services on offer. For more information, or to book a training session, please contact the library directly.

Library Hours

Library Hours

Senior School Library

Monday to Thursday # 8 am to 5 pm
Friday 8 am to 4 pm

Junior School Library

Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm

Social distancing is in place in the library due to COVID-19. Click HERE for details.

Who are we?

  • David Feighan - David is the head of library and the senior school librarian. David is responsible for: the library budget and reporting, senior school library collections, senior school library programs, library systems, platforms and databases.
  • Kirk Owen - Kirk is the junior school librarian. Kirk is responsible for: junior school library collections and junior school library programs
  • Simon Black - Simon is the library technician. Simon manages library purchases, cataloguing, circulation, library displays, and the student volunteer program.
  • Val Cinegage - Val is responsible for AV set up throughout the entire school as well as looking after ClickView.

What can teachers borrow?

To ensure fair and equal access to the collection staff can borrow the following number of physical books from the Kerferd Library collections. Teachers can borrow up to 100 items at any given time from the following collections:
Year Level Loan period Renewals Notes
Library collections 3 week 4 times When you need ongoing access, or if you need to annotate the text, you must use a book purchased from the Department. 
Teacher Reference 1 calendar year 3 times When you need ongoing access, or if you need to annotate the text, you must use a book purchased from the Department. 
Department text books 1 calendar year Unlimited You have ongoing access and you can annotate the text, but when you have finished with the book please return it to the library so the loan can be removed from your name, and the book passed onto the next teacher.
Equipment 1  to 3 weeks 2 times When you need ongoing access to equipment it must be purchased by the Department.

Recommending new content

new booksTeachers and students are encouraged to recommend new content for the library. When making a recommendation please include as much information as possible. This helps us help you because it makes it easier and quicker to identity exactly what it is you are requesting. When requesting books and eBooks we recommend you include the ISBN or international standard book number. This is often the number above the book barcode. ISBNs often start with the numbers 978.

Please note: items in the library are shared resources for the whole school. If the item you are recommending is only going to be used by you, or your department, it needs to be purchased by the department. All the items that the Kerferd Library purchases are available under the existing library loans policy as documented on CompliSpace.

eLibrary | eBooks, magazines, journals and databases

Booking a Library space

Teachers can book the library spaces via mConnect. From the main mConnect menu select Resource Booking (A), then select the Kerferd Library tab (B) and the space you want to book (C). Slect the space you want to book and then chose the date and time to finish you booking. See the following image for details.

Book a library space via mConnect

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