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Study Skills

Study skillsThe Kerferd Library catalogue is connected to Google Scholar, Trove, and the world's libraries. This means when you are using Google Scholar you can link back to the Kerferd Library collections. The Kerferd Library doesn't hold everything in Google Scholar, but if you are a VCE student or teacher, we may be able to get the information you are looking for, even if its not in the School's collection.

Google ScholarGoogle Scholar is really good at helping you find related articles and book chapters. This is useful if you need to be sure you have not missed any information or research. For example, students doing the VCE extended investigation subject who need to submit a literature review. For other students in year 10 and above Google Scholar is a simple way to see who else has cited and referenced the article or book chapter you are using. This can help you work out if you are using an important (or controversial) work that has generated a lot of discussion and comment.

Google Scholar | Getting started

On Campus

  • Go to Google Scholar at and start searching.
  • When you're on campus Google Scholar recognises the Kerferd Library is your local school library and matches your search against large parts of the library's online collection of articles and book chapters.
  • To search books and articles at the same time go to the Library catalogue. 
  • If you want to use Google to search on books go to Google Books.

Off Campus

When you're off campus or at home it is easy to set up Google Scholar so you can also search the Kerferd Library. The following example uses the Chrome browser.

Step 1: sign in using your School Google account

Google Scholar sign in

You may be asked to verify the account. If prompted click on continue.

Step 2: Using the Google Scholar menu (1) go to the setting (2) to mark the Kerferd Library as you local library.

Step 3: Search for Mentone Girls' Grammar School (1) this will bring up the Kerferd Library (2) Check the tick box to confirm the Kerferd Library is your school library. Don't forget to save your change (3). You may need to adjust your browser cookies to make this change permanent (4).

Now when using Google Scholar you can see what is held, or is accessible, via the Kerferd Library. If your not sure what to do please contact one of the Kerferd Library staff for help.

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