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Senior School Referencing

Senior School help and support with academic integrity and referencing.

Source: Black, S. (2020).

Referencing newspapers and newspaper articles

Updated for APA 7th edition

Senior School Referencing | Newspapers: Introduction

APA StyleIn-text references (citations) and Reference lists (Bibliography) help you avoid plagiarism. When referencing the School uses APA 7th edition. APA is one of the more widely used referencing guidelines.

Use APA CiteMaker to build your references lists (bibliographies) as well as your in-text references (citations).

Referencing is a key part of the School's Academic Integrity policies and procedures. Copyright refers to who owns the work (text, images, data, etc.) you are using. Copyright and Creative Common licenses tell you if you have permission to use the other person's work and ideas.

Senior School Referencing | Newspapers: General guidelines

APA 7th edition guidelinesNOTE: Use the following guidelines when citing and referencing online videos. See also the Explore more section at the bottom of this page.

  • Provide the author, year / date of publication, article name, and newspaper name.
  • If available include the volume and issue details. The format to use is volume in italics followed by (issue in round brackets).
  • Include article page or pages. Do not include the abbreviations “p.” or “pp.” before the page(s).
  • If the article is from a news website (e.g., CNN, HuffPost)—one that does not have an associated daily or weekly newspaper—use the format for a webpage on a news website instead.

When referencing a comment in a newspaper

  • Credit the person who left the comment as the author using the format that appears with the comment (i.e., a real name or a username).
  • Provide the comment title or up to the first 20 words of the comment; then write “Comment on the article” and the title of the article on which the comment appeared (in quotation marks and sentence case, enclosed within square brackets).

Senior School Referencing | Newspapers: Examples

Reference lists [Bibliographies]:

Newspaper article with an author

Author, Initials. (year, month, day). Article title. Newspaper name. start page number-end page number. (If the content is online add:) URL.

Newspaper article without an author

Article title. (year, month, day). Newspaper name. start page number-end page number. (If the content is online add:) URL.


Hamman, P. (2018, May 15). Emissions up for third year. The Age. 5.

Kiss, R. (2020, October 23). Applying a 'gender lens' [Comment]. The Age,  19. ages/SharedView.Page.aspx?sk=BE715D05&href=AGE%2F2 020%2F10%2F23&page=19 

Singer, M. (2018, April 10). Pay gap not a good look in fashion. The Age. 19.

In text reference [citation] examples:
Direct quote

"Most economic sectors reported a rise in pollution in 2017, with so called fugitive emissions – mostly from the liquefied gas industry – increasing 10.5 per cent, and transport 3.8 per cent." (Hamman, 2018)

Indirect quote

Singer (2018) makes the point that even though more women work in the fashion industry than men, some of the biggest brands still pay women less than men.

Senior School Referencing | Newspapers: Explore more

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