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Senior School Referencing

Senior School help and support with academic integrity and referencing.

Source: Black, S. (2020).

Referencing images (see also art)

Updated for APA 7th edition

Senior School referencing | Images: Introduction

APA StyleIn-text references (citations) and Reference lists (Bibliography) help you avoid plagiarism. When referencing the School uses APA 7th edition. APA is one of the more widely used referencing guidelines.

Use APA CiteMaker to build your references lists (bibliographies) as well as your in-text references (citations).

Referencing is a key part of the School's Academic Integrity policies and procedures. Copyright refers to who owns the work (text, images, data, etc.) you are using. Copyright and Creative Common licenses tell you if you have permission to use the other person's work and ideas.

Senior School referencing | Images: Guidelines

APA 7th edition guidelinesNOTE: Use the following guidelines when citing and referencing images, maps, charts and graphs. The way you cite and reference art depends on whether you need to provide attribution. Attribution is where the image licence commits you to document the creator or owner of the image. See also the Explore more section at the bottom of this page.

Senior School referencing | Images: EXAMPLE 1 referencing images from an online image collection

EXAMPLE 1 - An image with a caption followed by examples of in-text citation as well as a reference list / bibliography entry sourced from an online image collection (NASA Image and Video Library).

Figure 1

Expedition 64 Flight Engineer Kate Rubins of NASA shows off radish plants growing inside the Columbus laboratory module's Advanced Plant Habitat (Johnson Space Center, 2020)

Senior School referencing | Images: EXAMPLE 2 referencing images with a licence agreement

EXAMPLE 2 - An image with a caption followed by examples of in-text citation as well as a reference list / bibliography entry where the creator has attached licence terms and conditions (Flickr). NOTE: This image is made available under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic Licence. For more information on licence agreements see the following link to the Kerferd Library Copyright guide.

Figure 2

White Island, New Zealand - Volcano (Thru My Shutter, 2013)

Senior School referencing | Images: Explore more

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