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Senior School Referencing

Senior School help and support with academic integrity and referencing.

Source: Black, S. (2020).

Referencing government documents and reports

Updated for APA 7th edition

Senior School referencing | Government Documents & Reports: Introduction

APA StyleIn-text references (citations) and Reference lists (Bibliography) help you avoid plagiarism. When referencing the School uses APA 7th edition. APA is one of the more widely used referencing guidelines.

Use APA CiteMaker to build your references lists (bibliographies) as well as your in-text references (citations).

Referencing is a key part of the School's Academic Integrity policies and procedures. Copyright refers to who owns the work (text, images, data, etc.) you are using. Copyright and Creative Common licenses tell you if you have permission to use the other person's work and ideas.

Senior School referencing | Government Documents & Reports: General guidelines

APA 7th edition guidelinesNOTE: Use the following guidelines when citing and referencing government reports and documents. See also the Explore more section at the bottom of this page.

  • The specific agency responsible for the report appears as the author.
  • The names of parent agencies not present in the group author name appear in the source element as the publisher

Senior School referencing | Government Documents & Reports: Examples

Reference lists [Bibliographies]:

When referencing a physical document or report: Author, Initials. (year published). Title of document (number of report if applicable). Place of publication: Publisher. OR

When referencing an online document or reportAuthor, Initials. (year published). Title of document (number of report if applicable).  Retrieved from URL.

Note: Use the author's name, or if there is not an author use the editors name followed with (Eds.). When the book is published by an organisation, and there is no person listed as the author, use the organisation's name in full. If an organisation is the author it is standard practice to use the organisations full name in the first in text reference (citation) and then an standard and consistent abbreviation for all other in text references. For example:

First in text reference / citation: (Australian Securities and Investments Commission [ASIC], 2017)

Each subsequent in text reference / citation: (ASIC, 2017)


Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2006). Australia at a Glance, 2008: Economy. (No. 1309.0).

​Department of Education and Training. (2017). Annual report, 2016-2017.​.​

Victorian Auditor General's Office. (2018). Protecting Victoria’s Coastal Assets: Independent assurance report to Parliament. (PP no 379, Session 2014–18).

In text reference [citation] examples:
Direct quote

"In Victoria, 96 per cent of the coast is public land overseen by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning" (Victorian Auditor General's Office, 2017, p. 7.)

"Coastal councils have not used land use planning controls or planning scheme overlays consistently or to their full potential, to protect coastal assets from current hazards and the predicted impacts of rising sea levels as a result of climate change." (VAGO, 2017, p.14.)

Indirect quote

Between 2006 and 2007 Australian exports of services increased from 41,849 million to 46,233 million dollars (ABS, 2008)

Senior School referencing | Government Documents & Reports: Explore more

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