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Book Clubs

Welcome to the Senior School Book Clubs, the perfect place to discover your next great read and share what you love about books with your friends. Book clubs are held in the Kerferd Library at lunch times. Check out the Activities Page on this guide for the latest information and updates.

Senior School Book Clubs | News

What's the news from the world of books and reading.

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Web sitesCheck out these great online book resources from around the world. Discover new authors, new books, and see what other people are reading. What are you going to read today?

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Film and videoUsing YouTube on campus help and instructionsTo view these video on campus remember to first login to your school Google account using your mConnect username and password. Click here for more help on using YouTube on campus.

"Where did YA come from, and how did it get so big?... “Young Adult” fiction is a term whose meaning has varied wildly over the years. It can apply to coming of age tragedies or Serialized adventures of babysitters, or insert really dated twilight joke here. But where did this “young adult” genre come from? And why did it get so big?" (PBS, 2018)


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In text reference / citation: Ellis (2018) or (Ellis, 2018)
Bibliography / Reference list: Ellis, L. (2018). The Evolution of YA: Young Adult Fiction, Explained, [eVideo]. PBS, Retrieved from

Senior School Book Clubs | Overview: Curriculum alignment

Level 1Victorian CurriculumThis Mentone Girls' Grammar School LibGuide supports the following Victorian curriculum outcomes. Click on the links to explore more.

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