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Russian Revolution: Overview

VCE History Units 3 & 4

Source: Lenin addressing the Second All-Russian Congress of Soviets in Petrograd, 1917. (Encyclopædia Britannica, 2019).

Referencing Notice Don't forget to cite and reference your sources. For help see the Junior School or Senior School referencing guides, and / or CiteMaker.

Russian Revolution | Useful websites

Alpha History is the most useful website to assist in studying the Russian Revolution, as it is written specifically for VCE History students. Useful sections include: 

  • Topics – short articles explaining key events 
  • Who’s who – short biographies of revolutionary figures 
  • Timelines – detailed timelines (use the menu on the left to navigate between different time periods) 
  • Historical interpretations – find quotes from a range of historians 
  • Historical perspectives – find quotes from a range of people who lived through the revolution 

ThoughtCo – Russian Revolution Timelinecontains links to a number of articles about the Russian Revolution 

Orlando Figes’ website – offers short extracts from Figes’ book Revolutionary Russia 1891-1991 

Seventeen Moments in Soviet History – each topic has a short introductory essay and a series of primary sources 

Spartacus Educational – each article contains a short essay, followed by short extracts from primary sources and historical interpretations that you can gather quotes and evidence from  

Choices Program – Russian Revolution videos 

BBC Bitesize – Russia 1881-1921 – offers short revision articles and quizzes  

The State Library of Victoria has a useful Study Guide with links to relevant resources. 

Russian Revolution : Videos

Russian Revolution | Books

Russian Revolution | eBooks

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