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How to Research

A guide that explains the basic tenets of research and how to do it using various resources.

Guiding Questions

Sometimes when we are researching we can get distracted.

We might be researching how plants grow but then we see that we are looking at pictures of cats wearing hats!

This is not good research!

We have allowed ourselves to get distracted.

How can we make sure that we do not get distracted when doing our research?

One way is to use guiding questions to help us.

A guide can be someone who helps us when we don't know the way.

They make sure that we don't get lost!

A guiding question does the same thing.

A guiding question makes sure that we don't get lost in our research!

We can use guiding questions to help us stay focused on what we are researching.


We look at the topic and then we spend sometime thinking about it.

What do we want to find out? 

What do we want to research?

Maybe we get some paper and write down the topic at the top of the page.

Then we think about what we want to find out.

Maybe our teacher has already given us some guiding questions to start of with. 

Maybe we will think of others!

Let's pretend that we are doing a research project.

Our topic is clouds.

We need some guiding questions to help us focus on our research.

We get some paper and write 'clouds' at the top of the page.

Now we think about clouds and what we want to find out.

We write down the questions that we think of:

  1. How are clouds made?
  2. Can I sit on a cloud?
  3. Why are some clouds white and other clouds grey?
  4. How does rain fall from clouds?

These questions will help me and guide me in my research so that I don't get distracted.



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