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How to Research

A guide that explains the basic tenets of research and how to do it using various resources.

Books on research!

Predict It!

This is both an eBook and a book.

Question It!

This book is both an eBook and a Book!

Share It! (eBook)

This is an eBook

What is research?

When we research we are looking for information.

We are looking for information so that we have all the facts.

These facts can help us when answering a question.

These facts can help us when making a decision.

These facts can help us when doing a school project!!

Sometimes we research for fun!

We might research our favourite actor or singer so that we can learn more about them.


Sometimes we research because it is important to do.

We might be researching information to help us with our school project.

Who is a researcher?

All sorts of people are researchers

A scientist is a researcher.

An explorer is a researcher.

A footballer is a researcher.

A teacher is a researcher.

A student is a researcher.

Everyone can a researcher!


A researcher is like an explorer.

When we research we explore all sorts of resources to find information!

We read books.

We search the Internet.

We speak with other people

We do experiments.

We visit places.

We look everywhere to find the best information...


It is VERY important for researchers to be principled.

Here are three important things that a principled researcher does:

1. A principled researcher always writes down where their information has come from.

2. A principled researcher always writes down the information in their own words.

3. A principled researcher always uses reliable sources of information.



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