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Middle Years Reading

Broader reading books and suggestions for years 7 to 9

Reading opens your mind, reading empowers you, and reading takes you on adventures. Let us help you find your next great read today.


Click on the book cover or the title to go to the library catalogue to place a hold or use the left hand menu to explore genres. The Kerferd Library also has a wide range of magazines you can read online. Click on magazine cover and use your mConnect user name and password when reading magazines off campus.

Be inspired to read

"Where did YA come from, and how did it get so big?... “Young Adult” fiction is a term whose meaning has varied wildly over the years. It can apply to coming of age tragedies or Serialized adventures of babysitters, or insert really dated twilight joke here. But where did this “young adult” genre come from? And why did it get so big?" (PBS, 2018)


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In text reference / citation: Ellis (2018) or (Ellis, 2018)
Bibliography / Reference list: Ellis, L. (2018). The Evolution of YA: Young Adult Fiction, Explained, [eVideo]. PBS, Retrieved from

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