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Medieval Europe: Overview

Year 8 History: Europe and the Mediterranean world | Medieval Europe (c.590 – c.1500) ACDSEH008 | VCHHK116, VCHHK117, VCHHK118, VCHHK119, VCHHK1120

Source: The Battle of Aljubarrota, featured in the Chronique d'Angleterre. (D'Wavrin, J, 1479).

Level 1Traditionally the Middle Ages is seen as the period in Europe between the fall of the Roman Empire in the west in 476, and the fall of Constantinople in the east in 1453, together with the discovery of the Americas by Europeans in 1492, and the start of the Protestant Reformation in 1517.

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General Capabilities

Enduring Understandings
  • Students will come to understand the concepts of continuity and change as they relate to the European Middle Ages.
  • They will understand the continuities involved in the fuedal system and the impact of major events and developments such as the crusades and the rise of cities.
Essential Questions
  • How did societies change from the end of the ancient world to the beginning of the modern era?
  • How were societies in medieval Europe organised?
  • How and why did societies in medieval Europe change?
  • What developments influenced life in medieval Europe?

Medieval Europe | Overview: Keywords

Medieval Europe | Overview: Articles

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Medieval Europe | Overview: eBooks

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Medieval Europe | Overview: Online resources

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Medieval Europe | Overview: Videos

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"Historians are shocked to discover that it was quite common for men to fight women in armed combat during the middle ages."(National Geographic, 2011)


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In text reference / citation: National Geographic (2011) or (National Geographic, 2011)
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Set in 1350, this medieval drama unfolds through a number of village characters telling their stories of life in the middle ages. We meet the baker, the herbalist, the landless labourer, the medicus and the Lord of the manor" (ClickView, 2015)


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In text reference / citation: ClickView, (2015) or (ClickView, 2015)
Bibliography / Reference list: ClickView, (2015). Life In Medieval Europe, [eVideo]. Retrieved from

Medieval Europe (c.590 – c.1500) | Curriculum Alignment and Metadata

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