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Junior School Referencing

A guide to compliment the teaching of correct referencing within the Junior School

Referencing a website page

What is a website?

A website is a collection of pages on the Internet.

There are a lot of websites on the Internet.   

Websites can provide information for our research!

We need to make sure that the websites we use for our research, are ones that we can trust.


If we use a website in our project, it is important to make sure that we have referenced it.

Freepic. (2019). Concentrating lunch businesswoman typing. [Photograph]. Retrieved from>Background photo created by katemangostar.

How do we reference a website?

We reference a website page by using JAPA.

When we reference a website page using JAPA, we are going to need to locate some important information!

We need to find this information so that we can reference the website we are using.

When we are referencing a website page, it is important for us to know who the author is.


The information that we need to reference our website page using JAPA will be found on the page.

Sometimes when referencing a website page, we come across problems.

Sometimes we cannot find who the author is.

If we cannot find the name of the author, we put the name of the website instead.

That is quite okay.

Sometimes there is no date!

If we cannot find a date or a year for the website page, then we cannot put one in. 

Leave that box blank.

Bibliography for this page

Freepic.(2019). [Photograph]Retrieved from>Background photo created by katemangostar.


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