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Junior School Referencing

A guide to compliment the teaching of correct referencing within the Junior School

Referencing: Plagiarism



Plagiarism happens when you use someone else's work and let others think that you thought of it all on your own.


Plagiarism is cheating!! 

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What other words can you think of that mean plagiarism?






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Am I a plagiarist if I copy someone else's ideas without asking permission?


Copying other people's ideas, and not giving them the credit for it, is plagiarism..

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How might students plagiarise at school?

Copying the work of other students and pretending that it is their own work.

Copying and pasting directly from the Internet.

Not writing a bibliography for their project.

Getting someone else to write their work for them.

How do you make sure that you don't plagiarise?

It's easy not to plagiarise!

Make sure that you include a bibliography with all your work!

Make sure that you write everything in your own words!

Mentone Girls’ Grammar School is 100% against plagiarism!

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