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Junior School Referencing

A guide to compliment the teaching of correct referencing within the Junior School

Referencing an image

What is an image?

An image is a picture.

We use images when we are doing a project or a poster.

An image can be a photograph, a drawing, a painting, or a computer illustration! 

Perhaps you can think of other types of images that you would use in a project...

Images make our project look colourful and interesting.  They can also provide a lot of extra information! 

If we use an image in our project, it is important to make sure that we have referenced it.

How do we reference an image?


We reference an image by using JAPA.


Usually we get our images from the Internet. 


Sometimes our images come from other places.


In this guide we are going to read about referencing images from the internet.


When we use JAPA to reference an image from the internet, we are going to need to locate a lot of information!

Freepic. (2019). people holding question marks. [Vector]. Retrieved from">Designed by Freepik

It is good to illustrate our project with images.

We can find many images on the Internet.

If we use an image from the Internet we need to make sure that we reference it.

We reference images from the Internet by using JAPA!

At the start, it is very important to include the correct web address for our image.

Let's see what is the correct way to do this...



It is important to make sure that you fill in the boxes correctly.

When we have created our reference on JAPA we need to think about where we will put it.

There are two places where we need to place our reference.

The first place to put our image reference is under the image itself.  Like this:

The second place to put our reference is in our bibliography.

Do you think that it is a good idea to have a special section in your bibliography to put your image references?

It certainly makes it easier for people who read our bibliography to know where our images came from!

Sometimes when referencing an image, we come across problems.

Sometimes we cannot find the name of the artist who took the photograph or made the image.

If we cannot find the name of the artist...

Leave that box blank.

That is quite okay.

Sometimes there is no date!

If we cannot find a date or a year for the image that we want to use then we cannot put one in. 

Leave that box blank too.

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