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Mentone Girls' Grammar School | Kerferd Library

Junior School Referencing

A guide to compliment the teaching of correct referencing within the Junior School

Referencing an eBook

What is an eBook?

And eBook is just like a print book.

An eBook is a print book that we can read on our computer!

The Kerferd library has a lot of eBooks that we can use for our research.

We can find eBooks by using the library catalogue.

A group of eBooks that we can read on our computers is called a digital library!

How many eBooks have you used for your research?

How do we reference an eBook?

We reference an eBook using JAPA.

When we reference an eBook using JAPA, we are going to need to find information to help us.

On the next few pages we will see where we can find the information that we need.

We will get the information that we need from the title page and from the web page.

Sometimes when referencing a book or an eBook, we get confused by the words 'published' and 'printed'.


The publisher pays the author for permission to print the book that they wrote.

Sometimes the author decides to use a different publisher when they want their book to be published again.

Sometimes the author gives different publishers, in different countries, permission to publish their books.

There may be changes to the book if it is printed in another country...  It might be printed in another language or it may have bits removed or extra bits added in.

It is important to know who published the book we use when we are referencing.


The printer is the one who prints the book that you are looking at.  

The publisher pays the printing company to print the book, but we do not add the printing company to our referencing.


It is important to know who published the book or eBook that we use when we are referencing.

Some of the information that we will need to reference an eBook will be found on the cover.

We will find the title of the book on the cover.  Sometimes we will find the author's name on the cover.  Sometimes we will not find the author's name on the cover of the book.

The author's name is not on the cover of this book!!

The title page of a book is usually on the first or second page of the book or eBook.

We can find almost all of the information that we need to reference an eBook using JAPA, by looking at the title page of the book.

Now that we have this information there is one more thing that we need. . .

It is important to have the web address for the eBook that we use.

To reference an eBook we need to have the web address.

We can get the web address by finding the permalink for the book.

A permalink is a link for a web page. 

Sometimes the link for a web page changes. 

The permalink for a web page does not change. 

We need to put the permalink into the web address as part of our reference.

Follow the numbers to see what we need to do!

Sometimes when we reference an eBook, there are problems.

Sometimes there is no author's name.

If there is no author's name then you cannot put one in. 

Leave that box blank.

That is quite okay.


Sometimes there are no page numbers.

If there are no page numbers then you cannot put page numbers in. 

Leave that box blank too.


Sometimes we cannot find the title page.

Sometimes the title page is at the front of the book.

Sometimes the title page is at the back of the book!

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