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Junior School Referencing and Creating a Bibliography

A guide to compliment the teaching of correct referencing within the Junior School

About APA CiteMaker

APA CiteMaker is your handy online tool to build reference lists and in text references. jAPA is the junior version of APA as used in the Junior School. To get started use the short online introduction.


In text reference / citation: Narrative citations: Cite Maker (2020) Parenthetical citations: (Cite Maker, 2020)
Bibliography / Reference list: Cite Maker. (2020, May 11). How to create a reference list ➡ Citation and bibliography maker tutorial [Video]. YouTube.

Did you know the catalogue and many of the eLibrary databases also have in built citing / reference tools?



What is a bibliography?

A bibliography is a list of all of the resources that you used when you were doing your school work

  • All the books
  • All the internet sites
  • All the images
  • Everything!

On the left side of this page you will find a series of tabs.  Clicking on them will teach you everything that you need to know when creating a fabulous bibliography for your work.

*Another name for a bibliography is a 'reference list'.

Image 1        

If your bibliography is a cake. . .

Image 2

Then the sources of information that you reference  . . .

. . . are the ingredients!

Image 3


There are lots of different ways to make a bibliography.  They all have different names!

There is MLA, APA, Chicago A, Chicago B . . .

At Mentone Girls Grammar School we use APA...

...and in Junior School we use JAPA (Junior APA)


Image 4

JAPA is your best friend when it comes to referencing.

We have a special computer programme to help us make our bibliographies! 

It's real name  is APA Citemaker but we call it JAPA.


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