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Junior School Reading

Information to help grow a love of reading

Inspiring children and young people to read more. Since the Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge started in 2004 "more than 2.5 million students have turned the pages of nearly 45 million books." (VPRC, 2020) Will you meet the challenge?

Junior School Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge LOGIN HERE.
Click on the School/Student tab, then under Student login click on the VPRC login.
If you get stuck see also the "HOW TO LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS" on this web page.

NEWS FLASH: The 2021 Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge has begun! You can add any of the books that you have read this year, it doesn't matter if they are books from the Kerferd Library, your local library or from friends and family!

VPRC | Overview

Take the Challenge and log in to record what you've read and vote for your favourite book. If you meet the Challenge this year, the Premier of Victoria will send you a certificate of achievement. To meet the Challenge you need to read between 15 and 30 books (depending on your year level) by a set date and keep a record of them.

Challenge rules

There are rules students need to follow to meet the Challenge. Please note that the rules and the way the Challenge operates have not changed this year.

  • Students are registered by Mentone Girls’ Grammar School.
  • As a Challenger, Students must keep a record of their reading on the Challenge website.
  • Students must be in a Year level from Prep to Year 8.
  • Students online books must be verified as read by a coordinator at school.
  • All information must be completed online before the closing date of the challenge - 4th September.
Students must read a set number of books (listed below) during the Challenge.
  • Prep - Year 2

Number of books: 30
Number of books from the Challenge book list: 20 or more

  • Year 3 - Year 9
Number of books: 15
Number of books from the Challenge book list: 10 or more
Please note 
Prep, Year 1 or Year 2 - If children are in Prep, Year 1 or Year 2 they can read books by themselves or with someone else, for example, a parent, teacher, brother or sister, classmate, buddy or friend. This support is important if they are just learning to read.

VPRC | What's new

Students have a new dashboard!

The dashboard is your main workspace as you progress through the Challenge.

  • At the top of the dashboard are gemstone badges. These are grey when you start your Challenge but change to green as you complete each stage. 
  • Underneath the gemstone badges is a green bar to show you how many days are left until the end of the Challenge.
  • There are also two progress wheels that show you what your Challenge target is, and how many Challenge or Choice books that you have finished or verified.
  • Books you have added/finished reading are displayed in your reading list. As you add more books to your reading list the PRC application will learn the kinds of books you like to read and recommend other books (by genre, author, series or subject).
  • Books that are being read by other students at your school and across the state appear on the Trending books list.

The side menu lets you:

  • See your Profile Details – and add an avatar.
  • See all of the book reviews that you have written.
  • Search for books you would like to add to your reading list.
You can see an example of the dashboard and it's new features below:

These videos will show you how to login to the Premiers' Reading Challenge portal, and how to add books:

VPRC | How to login and change your avatar

VPRC | Searching for books and adding them to your reading list

Rules for school and student challengers

If you are in: You must read: Number from the Challenge Book list:


(read or experience) 30 books

20 or more

Year 1

30 books

20 or more

Year 2

30 books

20 or more

Year 3

15 books

10 or more

Year 4

15 books

10 or more

Year 5

15 books

10 or more

Year 6

15 books

10 or more

Year 7

15 books

10 or more

Year 8

15 books

10 or more

Year 9

15 books

10 or more

Year 10

15 books

5 or more

VPRC | How to login

Challenge Login details and Frequently Asked Questions:

Your online record -

You can keep all the information about the books that you read on the online system.

With the password and username you have been issued, you can log in to the VPRC website from any computer with web access - at school, home or in the library.

To log in, follow this link and then click on the School/Student button at the top right of the page:

Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge 

FAQ's -

"I have forgotten my username and password"
If you have forgotten your username and password, ask your teacher or the library staff for help.

"I get an error message: Please check your username and password"
This message means that the system is not recognising the combination of username and password you have entered. Check you have correctly spelt both your username and password. If you are still having difficulty, ask your teacher or the library staff to confirm your username and password details.

"I get an error message: Student details cannot be found"
This message means the site is experiencing technical issues which are stopping students from logging into their accounts. Wait and try to log in later. You can also contact your teacher or the library staff for to let them know that this message is appearing.

"How are badges awarded?"

Gemstone badges are awarded at different points as you progress through the Challenge.

You will receive:

  • Badge 1 when you mark your first book as finished
  • Badge 2 when you have finished 30% of your Challenge target
  • Badge 3 when you have finished 60% of your Challenge target
  • Badge 4 when you have met your Challenge target, and your PRC Coordinator has verified all of your books.
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