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Five Finger Rule!

The Five Finger Rule!

Do you have trouble finding a book that is the right fit for you? 

The five finger rule is here to help!

Choose a book that you would like to read and turn to the second page. 

As you read the page put up one finger for each word that you do not know.

After you have read the page see how many fingers you have put up.


One finger:  This is an easy book.  Would you like to try something more challenging?


Two fingers:  This book is a good fit for you.  You will learn new words!


Three fingers: Are you up to the challenge?  Do you want to learn even more words and improve your reading level?  Then this is the book for you although you may need some help.


Four fingers This is a challenging book.  Have a go and always remember that you can ask for help if there are words that you don’t understand.


Five fingers or more: This book is most likely going to be a little too difficult to read at the moment.  You can always have a go but you may want to read it later on when you are on a higher reading level.

And that is how we use the five finger rule!!

(Thank you to Lilly in Prep B for being our hand model!)

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