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Mentone Girls' Grammar School | Kerferd Library

Science F-2

Course reserves to compliment the teaching of science in Foundation to Year 2 as per the Victorian Curriculum.

Foundation to Year 2 Science

Science Level Description

In Foundation to Level 2, the curriculum focus is on awareness of self and the local world. Students observe changes that can be large or small and happen quickly or slowly. They explore the properties of familiar objects and phenomena, identifying similarities and differences. Students observe patterns of growth and change in the world around them, including weather and living things. They explore the use of resources from Earth and are introduced to the idea of the flow of matter when considering how water is used. Students describe the components of simple systems, such as stationary objects subjected to pushes or pulls, or combinations of materials, and show how objects and materials interact through direct manipulation. They learn that seeking answers to questions and making observations is a core part of science and use their senses to gather different types of information. They infer simple cause and effect relationships from their observations and experiences, and link events and phenomena with observable effects. Students use counting and informal measurements to make and compare observations and begin to recognise that organising these observations, including in pictograms and in tables, makes it easier to show and describe patterns. They use patterns to make predictions about phenomena.

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