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History F-2

Course reserves to compliment the teaching of history from Foundation through to Year 2, as per the Victorian Curriculum.

History / Foundation to Level 2 / Historical Knowledge / Personal histories

Differences in family structures of families and the role of family groups today, and what they have in common and how these have changed or remained the same over time.


Considering a range of family structures, for example nuclear families, only child families, large families, single parent families, extended families, blended families, adoptive parent families and grandparent families, as well as kinship groups, tribes and villages.

Using images and stories to identify similarities and differences between students' families and those of other children, in their class and in stories about children in other places, for example, the countries of Asia.

Comparing families in the present with those from the recent past (the families of parents and grandparents) in terms of their size and structure, for example, the different types of family such as nuclear, single parent, blended.

Exploring family structures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, for example, where children belong to extended families in which there are specific roles and responsibilities to ensure safety and wellbeing.

Discussing kinship as an significant part of relationships and family structures in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies, for example, the extent of a kinship system and the way in which it influences people's relationships, obligations and behaviour towards each other.

Examining and commenting on the roles of family members over time, for example, listening to stories about the roles of mothers, fathers, caregivers and children in the past, and comparing these with family roles today, such as work outside the home, washing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, child care.


The following list of resources is not exhaustive.

VCHHK059 - Books and eBooks

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