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Geography F-2

This guide contains resources aligned to the Victorian Curriculum from Foundation up to and including Year 2.

Foundation to Year 2 Geography

From Foundation to Level 2, the curriculum develops the concept of place through a study of what places are like over time and how they are defined. The emphasis in F-2 is on the places in which students live, but they also start to investigate other places of similar size that are familiar to them or that they are curious about.

Examining the influence of distance and accessibility on the frequency of visits to places starts students thinking about the concept of space. This is further developed through an introduction to location, including exploring where activities are located and the reasons for this.

The idea of active citizenship is developed as students start to explore their feelings about special places, and the wider importance of places to people and how places can be cared for.

The concept of environment is introduced as students study the daily and seasonal weather patterns and natural features of their place and of other places, including how seasonal change is perceived by different cultures.

Students are introduced to the concept of scale as they learn about the hierarchy of scale by which places are defined - from the personal scale of their home to the national scale of their country. Students’ understanding of the concept of interconnection is developed by investigating the links people have with places locally and globally.

Key questions:

  • What are places like?

  • How and why are people connected to their place and other places?

  • What makes a place special?

  • How can we care for places?


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