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Geography 5 & 6

Curriculum based resources for geography in years 5 and 6.

Geography in Years 5 & 6

Geography Level Description

In Levels 5 and 6, the curriculum focuses on the concepts of place and interconnection. Students’ mental maps of the world are further developed through learning the locations of the major countries in the Asia region, Europe and North America. The scale of study goes global as students investigate the geographical diversity and variety of connections between people and places.

In exploring the interconnections between people and environments, students examine how environmental characteristics such as climate and landforms influence the human characteristics of places, and how human actions influence the environmental characteristics of places. They also examine how human decisions and actions influence the way spaces within places are organised and managed. They learn that some climates produce hazards such as bushfires and floods that threaten the safety of places and gain an understanding of the application of the principles of prevention, mitigation and preparedness as ways of reducing the effects of these hazards.

Key questions:

How do places, people and cultures differ across the world?

How do people’s connections to places affect their perception of them?

How do people and environments influence one another?

How can the impact of bushfires or floods on people and places be reduced?

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