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Online help for products and services offered by the Mentone Girl's Grammar School Kerferd Library.

Help and instructionsSelect the type of help you need from the left hand menu or use the 'search this guide' option. If you're still stuck contact one of your friendly Kerferd librarians.

Use the following link, or the link on the Kerferd Library A-Z list to access PressReader. If prompted use your School mConnect user name and password to login when off campus.

See also the full range of databases and content available to students and staff via the following Kerferd A-Z list

Help | Logging into PressReader

When you are on campus you do not need to login to PressReader. When you are off campus follow these simple steps to login to the PressReader service so you can access over 7,000 magazines and newspapers from home.

Step 1

You can access PressReader from the link on this page, the Kerferd Library A-Z list, and from some of the newspaper links in the Kerferd Library Research Guides, for example see the Senior School global newspaper collection guide. When you are off campus you need to login in to access the PressReader newspapers and magazines. See the following steps for details.

Step 2

Click on the PressReader sign in button. See the following screen shot for details.

Step 3

Start the login process by clicking on the Library and Group button. See the following screen shot for details.

Step 4

Start to type in the name of the School "Mentone Girls' Grammar School" and the School's PressReader login page will appear. Click on the link to login. See the following screen shot for details.

Step 5

Click on the OpenID Connect button. See the following screen shot for details.

Step 6

And when prompted type in your School ID and password. If you have previously logged into PressReader you may see your School account pop up. See the following screen shot for details.

Step 7

You are now in PressReader and can access the online magazines and newspapers off campus. To get started either select a publication, or click off the PressReader HotSpot welcome popup to explore more. See the following screen shot for details.

Help | Using PressReader

After you have logged into PressReader use the following help tools to get started.

From the PressReader main page you can: (A) click on the three bars to access the PressReader menu this access to online help, Browse by (B) country of publication or (C) language and or category / topic. You can also click on the covers (D) to go direct to an online newspaper or magazine, or use the buttons on the bottom of the screen (E) to browse explore more.

The PressReader menu gives you access to the online help, as well as features such as information on what opinions are trending.

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