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Mentone Girls' Grammar School | Kerferd Library


Online help for products and services offered by the Mentone Girl's Grammar School Kerferd Library.

Help and instructionsSelect the type of help you need from the left hand menu or use the 'search this guide' option. If you're still stuck contact one of your friendly Kerferd librarians.

Locating the catalogue

The Kerferd Library catalogue is easy to find on the School's library portal front page (see figure 1), on the top banner of all of the research and help guides (see figure 2) and via the Kerferd Library catalogue URL at (see figure 3).

Figure 1, Kerferd Library portal front page.

Library catalogue at

Figure 2, top banner of the research and help guides.

Figure 3, Kerferd Library catalogue home page.

Library Catalogue | Basic keyword searching

Use the basic catalogue to start your search. You will get better results if you use keyword search and avoid using a sentence as a search term, for example "What is the capital of France", instead:

  • Search on an author's name,
  • Search on a book title,
  • Search on a subject / topic term.

Library Catalogue | Browsing key collections

Did you know you can also browse key collections such as the following:

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