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Harmony Week: Overview

A guide to resources on Harmony Week


Harmony Week

A question for you!

What does the word 'Harmony' mean?

Harmony Week website

Here is a link to the Australian Government website for Harmony Week:

Harmony Week

What is Harmony Week?

Harmony Week is a celebration of all the different cultures and traditions that go to make up our society in Australia!

When is Harmony Week?

Harmony Week is celebrated every year from the 15th to the 21st of March.

Why should we celebrate Harmony Week?

Harmony Week is an important part of living in Australia.  It reminds us to be respectful of other peoples' cultures and traditions.  It reminds us to be inclusive and not make anyone feel left out.  It reminds us that no matter where we might come from, we are all Australians.


Harmony Week Library Resources

In the boxes below you will find books to share with your students during Harmony Week. The contents of these books will hopefully lead to lots of discussions and other aspects of diversity within our community!

Don't forget that these are merely a sample of all the fabulous resources at your disposal!

Harmony Week Picture Books

Harmony Week Nonfiction books

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