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Sustainable Development Goal 16 | Peace & justice: Teachers

All of School guide to support: Global citizenship [SCoT], Sustainable development [ScOT.1050] and Ethical understanding [acgc.7]

Source: Black, S. (2019).

"The threats of international homicide, violence against children, human trafficking and sexual violence are important to address to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. They pave the way for the provision of access to justice for all and for building effective, accountable institutions at all levels." (United Nations, 2018)

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Goal 16 | Peace and justice: Teacher support

InstructionsThe United Nations Development Goals address many of the challenges we face globally. The following resources can be used to create lesson plans that raise awareness of these challenges, as well as investigating possible solutions.


Goal 16 | Peace and justice: Track progress

Level 3StatisticsDatabasesUse the following links to see how Australia, and the world, are tracking to meet this goal.

Australia's progress
International progress

In Focus | Atlas of sustainable development goals 2018

Level 3Level 2NOTE: This World Bank Atlas contains current data that tracks the opportunities, challenges, and issues relating to the various Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It is suitable as a PYP provocation for year 6. It can also be used to include empirical data and statistical evidence into Senior School classes.

Goal 16 | Peace and justice: Online resources

Level 2

The thirteenth annual edition of the Global Peace Index recorded an improvement in global peacefulness for the first time in five years, although the world remains significantly less peaceful now than a decade ago. (Global Peace Index, 2019)


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