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Sustainable Development Goal 15 | Life on Land: Junior School

All of School guide to support: Global citizenship [SCoT], Sustainable development [ScOT.1050] and Ethical understanding [acgc.7]

Source: Black, S. (2019).

"Forests cover 30 per cent of the Earth’s surface and in addition to providing food security and shelter, forests are key to combating climate change, protecting biodiversity and the homes of the indigenous population.... Deforestation and desertification – caused by human activities and climate change – pose major challenges to sustainable development and have affected the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the fight against poverty." (United Nations, n.d.

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Goal 15: Life on Land | Introduction

Level 1eVideo

Goal 15: Life on Land | Taking action

What can I do about the Sustainable Development Goals

Show LeadershipAs a global citizen how can I show leadership?

How can I take action towards preserving forests and stopping desertification?

Some questions to ask:

  1. Why are trees and forests being cut down?  
  2. What do they do with the land after they have cut all the trees down?
  3. Is there a better way to do things?
  4. There are many ways we can take action to stop the need to cut down trees and forests.
  5. How can we stop people leaving rubbish behind when visiting forests?

This sustainable development goal gives a lot of opportunity for taking action.  Do you agree?  How we can you show leadership in this matter?

I wonder which of the PYP attributes would apply to this goal?

Goal 15: Life on Land | Thomas & Friends

Level 1eVideo


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Goal 15: Life on Land | Books and eBooks

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