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Global Indigenous Understanding: South America

A libguide to highlight the fact that indigenous people exist throughout the world, and face similar problems.

Source: Black, S. (2019).

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Britannica Online

South America is made up of many indigenous peoples. 

By clicking on the links you will be able to read about some of them.

Choose the level within Britannica to find the article that is just right for you!  Some articles may only be at a higher level but you will still be able to read them!

Indigenous people of South America

United Nations, & Berkowitz, D. (2013). Nilson Tuwe Huni Kuĩ [Photograph]. Retrieved from /in/album-72157614476504440/

Nilson Tuwe Huni Kuĩ, an indigenous leader from the Western Amazon in Brazil, delivers an invocation.

Daher, J., & United Nations. (1992). Indigenous People: Shavante Indians of Brazil. [Photograph]. Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

Shavante Indians using Buriti sticks to make a fire.  Buriti trees grow in the Amazon forest and their wood is used to make baskets too!

Garten, M., & United Nations. (2006). Internally Displaced Indigenous in Colombia [Photograph]. Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

A view of indigenous children from the Embera people, displaced by armed conflict. There are over two million internally displaced persons in Colombia and while forced displacement is always a very difficult experience, it is doubly catastrophic for indigenous communities. Indigenous culture is closely linked to the land and displacement often leads to the total collapse of traditional authority and cultural patterns

United Nations, & Castro-Mendívil, E. (2018). SGP-GEF-UNDP Peru [Photograph]. Retrieved from

Indigenous men and women of Nuñoa in Puno, Peru, spin and weave garments based on the fiber of the alpacas.

Indigenous Understanding South America: Books and eBooks

You will often find information on indigenous peoples when you look at books on the countries in which they live.  Use these books and eBooks to get your research started!

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