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Global Indigenous Understanding: Oceania

A libguide to highlight the fact that indigenous people exist throughout the world, and face similar problems.

Source: Kapa haka. (Encyclopædia Britannica, 2019).

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Britannica Online

Oceania is made up of many indigenous peoples. 

By clicking on the links you will be able to read about some of them.

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Indigenous peoples of Oceania

Henryhbk. (2009). A performance by the Kahurangi Maori Dance group. [Photograph]. Retrieved from

A traditional Maori dance

West New Guinea (West Irian)

Here is a close-up view of Papuans of the mountain areas.

Nagata, Y., & United Nations. (1969). Micronesia. [Photograph].Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

Villagers of Okau in Wely Municipality meet with Francisco LUKTUN (in white shirt), Magistrate of Weloy, and Francis DEFNGIN (left corner) (USA), Assistant Anthropologist of Yap District. The large doughnut-shaped stone money is a mark of village prestige. 

Indigenous Understanding Oceania: Nonfiction Books and eBooks

You will often find information on indigenous peoples when you look at books on the countries in which they live.  Use these books and eBooks to get your research started!

Indigenous Understanding Oceania: Fiction books!

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