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Global Indigenous Understanding: Europe

A libguide to highlight the fact that indigenous people exist throughout the world, and face similar problems.

Source: Sami - The People Who Walk With Reindeer. (Larsen, 2011). 

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Britannica Online

The main group of indigenous people in Europe today are the Sami or Laplanders.

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Some people say that the Basques of northern Spain are also an indigenous people but this is disputed.  What do you think?

The Sami People

Indigenous peoples of Europe

United Nations, & Loey, F. (2015). Rosa-Máren Magga [Photograph]. Retrieved from /in/album-72157614476504440/

Rosa-Máren Magga, journalist and member of the Finnish Sami Youth organization, addresses a press conference on the Fourteenth Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Isthmus (talk). (2010). Reindeer in Lapland. [Photograph].Retrieved from 001-strolling_reindeer_cropped.jpg

Reindeer are an important part of Saami life.  They provide food, clothing, milk, and many other things.

A Sami family in Norway. (1896) [Photograph]. Retrieved from 7/Saami_Family_1900.jpg

United Nations, & Isaac, J. (1992). Mari Boine [Photograph].Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

Portrait of Mari BOINE, a Saame singer from Norway who performed today in the Economic and Social Council Chamber in connection with the launching of the International Year of the World's Indigenous People.

Nordic Sami (Saami) people in Sapmi (Lapland) in front of two Lavvo Tents. (1920). [Photograph]. Retrieved from i_people_Lavvu_1900-1920.jpg



Ökologix. (2005). Jokkmokks Saami market. [Photograph].Retrieved from arnad_11.jpg

The Jokkmokk's Marnad is a market held to celebrate the indigenous culture of the Saami people in Sweden.  The four people at the stall are wearing traditional Saami clothing.

Indigenous Understanding Europe: Books and eBooks

You will often find information on indigenous peoples when you look at books on the countries in which they live.  Use these books and eBooks to get your research started!

The Sami and Climate Change

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