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Global Indigenous Understanding: Asia

A libguide to highlight the fact that indigenous people exist throughout the world, and face similar problems.

Source: Black, S. (2019).

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Clicking on this image will take you to an article in Britannica Online.  It is a Reading Level 3 article.

Indigenous peoples of Asia

Ooms, D. (2008). Traditional Ainu music instrument demonstration. [Photograph]. Retrieved from ing_traditional_Ainu_instrument.jpg.

An Ainu woman wearing traditional costume and playing a traditional instrument of her people


Charton, F., & United Nations. (1992). Indigenous Peoples: China [Photograph]. Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

A Kirghiz family at the foot of the Kongur mountains in Xinjiang, China.  The Kirghiz are a Mongol people living in central Asia.


Robaton, J., & United Nations. (1972). Mountain woman Laos. [Photograph]. Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

Seen here is a mountain woman and her child in Luang Probang

United Nations, & Perret, M. (2012). Timor-Leste [Photograph].Retrieved from /in/album-72157614476504440/ 

Men are shown in traditional dress at the national flag-raising ceremony to mark the anniversary of Timor-Leste’s popular consultation, the landmark UN-facilitated referendum which led to independence from Indonesia. 

Park, K., & United Nations. (2011). Hmong Woman in Viet Nam [Photograph]. Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

A Hmong hill tribe woman at work in Sin Chai, Viet Nam. 

Garten, M., & United Nations. (2006). Rasmeay Sareaypheap Khmer Dance Troupe [Photograph]. Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

Rasmeay Sareaypheap Khmer Dance Troupe of Viet Nam performs at the opening ceremony of a cultural exhibition entitled "Indigenous Peoples: Honouring the Past, Present and Future", held at UN Headquarters in recognition of the fifth session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Isaac, J., & United Nations. (1993). A woman from the Jarai tribe smoking a pipe [Photograph]. Retrieved from in/album-72157614476504440/

A woman from the Jarai tribe smoking a pipe.

Indigenous Understanding Asia: Books and eBooks

You will often find information on indigenous peoples when you look at books on the countries in which they live.  Use these books and eBooks to get your research started!

The Ainu

Level 2 resourceWeb sites

幻光尘. (2018). Flag of Ainu [Graphic]. Retrieved from nu.svg

This is the flag adopted by the Ainu peoples

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