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Forces and simple machines: Overview

Year 7 Science: Physical Science [VCSSU]

Source: NASA (2011).

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General Capabilities
Enduring Understandings
  • Patterns allow the identification and description of relationships. including cause and effect
  • Stability is the result of competing, but balanced forces
Essential Questions

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Forces & simple machines | Overview: Keywords

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Force, Magnetic, Insert

Forces & simple machines | Overview: Articles

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Forces & simple machines | Overview: eBooks

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Forces & simple machines | Overview: Online resources

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Forces & simple machines | Overview: Content and skills

  • Content: What students need to know and understand
  • Skills: What skills students need to demonstrate
  • A force is a push or a pull
  • An unbalanced force causes change
  • Forces can be contact or non-contact
  • Magnetic fields can apply a force from a distance
  • Electrostatic forces are non contact forces
  • Friction slows down moving objects
  • Simple machines decreases the amount of effort needed to do work
  • A pulley changes the size or direction of a force
  • There are different types of machines
  • Forces are involved in sport
  • Earths gravity pulls objects to the centre of the Earth
  • Gravity keeps planets in orbit around the Earth
  • The Earth, Sun and Moon interact with each other
  • The Moon reflects the Sun's light
  • Seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth

Forces & simple machines | Overview: Curriculum alignment

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