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Teacher PD

Professional development resources for teachers at Mentone Girls' Grammar School

Use the following search box to search on the hundreds of EBSCO eBooks in the Kerferd Library that support teacher professional development or use the JSTOR link to browse the hundreds of JSTOR education journals and eBooks. See also the Learning enhancement sub menu for resources on a range of topics including: Autism, English as an additional language (EAL), Dyslexia, as well as gifted students and students with special needs.

Education eBooks

See also JSTOR for K-12 Educators, Within this guide you can find:

  • descriptions of JSTOR and the collections available to Secondary Schools
  • training materials and how-to information
  • introductions to the collections and subjects covered on JSTOR
  • resources for teaching and learning with JSTOR
  • digital and print promotional materials

Changes to Australian copyright law

In June 2017, legislation was passed to amend the Australian Copyright Act1968 (Cth) (the Copyright Act), particularly in regards to the statutory licences for educational institutions. These changes will take effect in December 2017, and apply from the 2018 Australian academic year onwards.

What do these changes mean?

"The Bill amends provisions in the Copyright Act 1968 (Act) to:

  • replace the current exception for persons with a disability, and others acting on their behalf, with a fair dealing exception;
  • replace the current statutory licences for institutions assisting persons with a print or intellectual disability with a single exception that applies to organisations assisting persons with a disability;
  • harmonise and modernise the preservation exceptions for copyright material in libraries, archives and key cultural institutions;
  • consolidate and simplify the statutory licences that allow educational institutions to use works and broadcasts;
  • allow copyright material to be incorporated into educational assessments conducted online" (Explanatory Memorandum, Copyright Amendment, Disability Access and Other Measures, Bill (Cth), 2017)

For details see 

PLEASE NOTE: The Australian Copyright Council eBooks located under the "Teacher PD > Copyright" menu provide guidance on how teachers should approach copyright in the classroom from 2018 onwards.

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