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Evolution: Overview

Science / Levels 9 and 10 / Science Understanding / Biological sciences [VCSSU]

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Brief, basic information laid out in an easy-to-read format. May use informal language. (Includes most news articles)


Provides additional background information and further reading. Introduces some subject-specific language.

Level 3 resourceLEVEL

Lengthy, detailed information. Frequently uses technical/subject-specific language. (Includes most analytical articles)

General Capabilities
Enduring Understandings
  • The nature of an object or organisms affects its function
  • Patterns allow the identification and description of relationships, including cause and effect
  • Stability is the result of competing but balanced forces

Evolution | Overview: Keywords

Level 1Keywords
Click on the terms to access a simple definition from either the Oxford Dictionary online or ThoughtCo. The definitions for words and phrases marked with a hash # come from alternative sources.

Environment, Evolution, Darwinism, Genes, Germinal mutation, Lamarckism, Mutation, Natural selection, Selective breeding, Somatic mutation, Species, Variation

Evolution | Overview: Articles

Level 1Articles

Level 2

Evolution | Overview: Biological Dictionary

Level 2Biology DictionarySee also the following articles relating to evolution from the Biology Dictionary.

Evolution | Overview: eBooks

Level 1 resourceeBooks

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Evolution | Overview: Online resources

Level 1 resourceWeb sites

Evolution | Overview: Videos

Level 1 resourceFilm and video

"How can a "thumbs up" sign help us remember five processes that impact evolution? The story of the Five Fingers of Evolution gives us a clever way of understanding change in gene pools over time. " (Anderson, 2012)

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In text reference / citation:Anderson (2012) or (Anderson, 2012)
Bibliography / Reference list: Anderson, P., (2012). Five fingers of evolution [eVideo], Ted-ED. Retrieved from

Evolution | Curriculum alignment

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