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Broader Reading | Dystopian fiction

New books and suggested reading from your Kerferd Library.

New dystopian fiction. Click on the book cover to reserve your next great read.

Source: Digital montage by Black, S. (2019). Vector graphic courtesy of Freepik.

Dystopian fiction | Keywords

Level 1Keywords
Click on the terms to access a simple definition from Lexico, the online Oxford Dictionary.

Apocalypse, Assassin, Disfunction, Dystopia, Flashback, Genre, Literature, Murder, Post-apocalyptic, Retribution, Suspense, Totalitarian, Vengeance, Victim.

Dystopian fiction | Suggested reads

Dystopian fiction | Videos

Level 1 resourceFilm and videoUsing YouTube on campus help and instructionsTo view these video on campus remember to first login to your school Google account using your mConnect username and password. Click here for more help on using YouTube on campus.


In text reference / citation: Narrative citations: Gendler (2016) Parenthetical citations: (Gendler, 2016)
Bibliography / Reference list: Gendler, A. (2016, November 16). How to recognize a dystopiav [Video]. TED-Ed YouTube.

Dystopian fiction | Curriculum alignment

Level 1Victorian CurriculumAustralian Curriculum AlignmentThis Mentone Girls' Grammar School Libguide supports the following Australian and / or Victorian curriculum outcomes.

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