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Bridie's Fire: Overview

Year 8 English : Language [VCELA] Literature [VCELT] Literacy [VCELY]

Source: "The Irish famine, scene at the gate of the work-house", (Ridpath, 1907.)

Level 1 resourceBridie’s Fire vividly recreates the era of Ireland during the potato famine and early colonial Victoria. (Kirsty Murray, n.d.)

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General Capabilities
Enduring Understandings

Literature allows us to experience things we could not have imagined without it.

Essential Questions

How do authors allow us to understand different worlds to our own?

Bridie's Fire | Overview: Keywords

Level 1Keywords
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Dublin, Famine, Gold rush, Historical fiction #, Immigration, Laissez-faire, Moralism, Potato blight, Providence, Refugee, Whig

Bridie's Fire | Overview: Articles

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Bridie's Fire | Overview: Teacher resources

Bridie's Fire | Overview: Books and eBooks

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Bridie's Fire | Overview: Videos

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Kirsty Murray discusses the history and ideas behind her quartet of Australian historical fiction "Children of the Wind". (Murray, 2010)

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Bibliography / Reference list:Murray, K., (2010). Children of the Wind [eVideo]. Retrieved from

Bridie's Fire | Overview: Curriculum alignment

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