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Be Informed

Helping students ensure their work is fact and evidence based

Source: Black, S. (2020). Vector graphic courtesy of Vecteezy.

Be informedWhere do you get your news, how do you stay informed, and how do you know what's fact and what's not?

"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Newsweek, 25 August 1986, p. 27.

Data Literacy | Overview

Level 1How can you tell if data and statistics in the news are fact, fake, or misleading? Mona Chalabi's (2017) TED Talk on spotting bad statistics also explains why it is so important governments and societies continue to support accurate and unbiased statistics.   

Data Literacy | Learn More

Be empowered to spot fact from fake. Use these resources to explore more about data literacy and data journalism.Level 3

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